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DANCON  DVD  Dance, Stand, Run; The God-Inspired Moves of a Woman on Holy Ground  Connolly, Jess  
WAIPOP  DVD  Wait and See; A Study on Waiting Well  Pope, Wendy  
GIFOUT  DVD  The Gifts of Christmas, Advent Church Kit     
THICOR  DVD  Things I Wish Jesus Never Said     
WAIGIG  DVD  Waiting Here For You  Giglio, Louie  
WhC=11  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 11 Acts  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=12  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 12 Letters from Paul!  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=10  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 10 Jesus Is the Good News  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=09  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 9 Isaiah, Jeremiah & the Prophets  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=08  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 8 Psalms, Proverbs & The Writings: Words to Make Us Wise  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=07  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 7 Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther: Exile And Return!  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=06  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 6 Kings & Chronicles: A Nation Divided  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=05  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 5 Israel Gets a King!  Vischer, Phil  
WhC=04  DVD  What's in the Bible? Vol. 4 Battle for the Promised Land!  Vischer, Phil  
WhCORT  DVD  When Compassion Meets Action DVD Church Kit  Ortberg, J; VosKamp, A; Mellado, J.  
SURGUN  DVD  A Survey of the New Testament; A Complete Course for the Beginner  Gundry, Robert  
ALLELD  DVD  All Things New; Heaven, Earth and the Restoration of Everything You Love  Eldredge, John  
POEGEO  DVD  Poets and Saints Curriculum: A Community Experience  George, Jaime  
NAT=OC3  DVD  Ocean Adventures Vol. 3; Winged Creatures, Waterfalls and Wild Reptiles  Schriemer, Peter  
NAT=OC2  DVD  Ocean Adventures Vol. 2; Fins, Foliage, and Shoreline Fun  Schriemer, Peter  
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