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EXPSTR  DVD  Exploring Christianity's Ten Toughest Questions  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=CHR2  DVD  The Case for Christ; Investigating the Evidence for Jesus (revised, sessions)  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=FAI  DVD  The Case for Faith  Strobel, Lee  
SERCAS=  DVD  A Case For….  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=CHR1  DVD  The Case For Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation - documentary  Strobel, Lee  
FAU=01  DVD  Faith & Jesus  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=CRE2  DVD  The Case for a Creator; Investigating the Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God (revised, sessions)  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=CRE1  DVD  The Case For A Creator - documentary  Strobel, Lee  
SERFaUND=  Series - titles only  Faith Under Fire  Strobel, Lee  
FAU=02  DVD  Faith & Facts  Strobel, Lee  
FAU=03  DVD  Tough Faith Questions  Strobel, Lee  
FAU=04  DVD  A New Kind Of Faith  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=MAK  DVD  Making Your Case for Christ; An Action Plan for Sharing What you Believe and Why  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=ADV  DVD  The Case for Christmas; Investigating the Identity of the Child in the Manger  Strobel, Lee  
CAS=EAS  DVD  The Case for Easter; Investigating the Evidence for the Resurrection  Strobel, Lee  
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