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Resource: DVD (CRETED) Creation Chronicles     
Author: Ted & Lee
Publisher: Mennonite Media, 2001
Vendor: Mennonite Media
Heading: BST — Bible Study
Subjects: Bible Study; Bible, Old Testament; Creation; God; Humor; Prophets
Location: BST
# Copies: 2
 Description: The inventive comedy of Ted & Lee take a totally fresh and imaginative look at the Old Testament. The presentations feature 17 characters beginning at the beginning, when God created the Earth, flying things, elephants, even puns . . and people. From there the saga of the relationship between God and humans unfolds though a dozen scriptural stories: Cain and Abel, Noah's ark, The Tower of Babel, Abraham and the angel Gabriel, The Golden Calf, Joshua and Jericho, Samuel who tells about Kings Saul, David and Solomon, Solomon creating Proverbs and Song of Solomon, Jeremiah, the prophets Hosea, Obadiah, and Isaiah, Jonah and ends with a glimpse of what is to come in the person of Jesus Christ. DVD
Age Groups: None specified.

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