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Resource: DVD (VALLEM) Value-packed Parenting: Raising Rock-solid Kids     
Author: Leman, Dr. Kevin
Publisher: Sampson Ministries, 2007
Vendor: Sampson Ministry Resources
Length: 7 sessions
Heading: PFA — Parenting & Famiily
Subjects: Family Life; Parenting; Values
Location: PFA OV
# Copies: 2 (2 previous reservations found)
  Copy A: 9/4/2018-6/10/2019
  Copy B: 1/7/2019-4/1/2019
 Description: Dr. Kevin Leman says that the fact is, we've got one shot at raising our kids -- a few years to get them ready for life on their own, because one day they're going to pack up and move out! He wants to help you get ready. In a real sense, we are packing their luggage so they will be well-equipped to live well-balanced, productive lives, independent of us. Are we filling their luggage with value...or filler? These are the sessions: 1 THE TEN BEST GIFTS YOU'LL EVER GIVE YOUR KIDS It's Never too Late to Become a Better Parent 2 HOW TO LISTEN SO KIDS WILL TALK & HOW TO TALK SO KIDS WILL LISTEN Staying Tuned In so They Don't Tune You Out 3 DISCIPLINE ISN'T SPELLED P-U-N-I-S-H-M-E-N-T Why Teaching and Learning are Better than Punishment and Penalties 4 TEN WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CHILD'S SELF-CONFIDENCE A Step-By-Step Plan that Works Wonders! 5 CAUTION: ANGER AHEAD! Observing the Warning Signs before Tempers Flare 6 BIRTH ORDER - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT Recognize Your Children's Differences and Turn Them into Advantages 7 STANDING UP TO THE NEW GOLIATH Helping Kids Overcome the Negative Influence of the Internet, the Media and Technology Script, DVD
Age Groups: Adult (30-65)

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