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Resource: DVD (SURBLU) Surviving School     
Publisher: Bluefish TV, 2007
Vendor: Bluefish Tv
Length: 4 sessions
Heading: YMI — Youth Ministries
Subjects: Clips, Video; Electronic Worship; Various Youth Interests; Youth Ministry
Location: YMI
# Copies: 1 (1 previous reservation found)
  Copy A: 10/15/2018-2/19/2019
ISBN/ISSN: 9781572751170
 Description: Navigating the battleground of high school is a daunting task. Teens can be cruel. Classes are stressful. Kids desperately seek acceptance. Choices made in this rough environment often set the course for our entire lives. These video clips will get your kids thinking and talking about the issues they face in the hallways of today's schools. IIncludes these clips:

Gossip (01:08)
Gossip: idle talk or rumors, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others. In this dramatic video illustration, gossip's venomous sting shows it's ugly head as teenagers at a high school make harsh comments about a fellow classmate.

Don't Be a Statistic (1:06)
One in four teens are sexually active. One in ten will drop out of school. The odds don't look good, but the first step on the path to success is realizing that the decisions we make today will affect the rest of our lives.

The Test (1:50)
Peek in on a moment of high school life. A teacher suspects two kids of cheating. how will they react? Many conversation-sparking questions are raised in this simple scenario.

Not Alone (02:19)
School is a tough environment. Teens often fell invisible and alone, but God was with us long before the first day of school, and He will be with us long after we're out. This dramatic video illustration reminds us that He is with us in every trail,... DVD
Age Groups: Young Adult

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