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Resource: DVD (THIBLU) Think; Videos That Ask Life's Tough Questions     
Publisher: Student Life
Vendor: Bluefish Tv
Heading: YMI — Youth Ministries
Subjects: Clips, Video; Prayer; Youth Ministry
Location: YMI
# Copies: 1
 Description: Looking deep within. Expressing doubt. Seeking help. Asking the tough questions. Questioning people. Questioning God. . . These are just a few of the viewpoints expressed in this collection of videos from Student Life.
These youth Bible study video illustrations will challenge. Some will affirm. Some videos will lead you to pursue God more closely. But each of these videos will make you think.
Videos included in this collection:
1. Honest Prayers: Part 1
2. Honest Prayers: Part II
3. Honest Prayers: Part III
4. Honest Prayers: Part IV
5. Hands
6. The Lord's Prayer
7. Uphill Battle
8. Design
9. Restoration
10. Initiative
11. Creation in Creation
12. Whose Bucket Can I Fill Today?
13. Where Am I Going To See God Today?
14. What Traps Do I Need To Avoid Today?
15. How Can I Improve Today?
16. Missed Opportunities
17. Trust
18. The Living Dead
19. Where's Your Treasure
Links:Design: https://www.youthworker.com/mini-movies/7192/design
Initiative: https://www.youthworker.com/mini-movies/6707/initiative
Hands: https://www.youthworker.com/mini-movies/7196/hands
Restoration: https://www.youthworker.com/mini-movies/7204/restoration
Uphill Battle: https://www.youthworker.com/mini-movies/6709/uphill-battle
Honest Prayers 1: https://www.youthworker.com/mini-movies/14194/honest-prayers-1
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult (30-65)

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