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Resource: DVD (JESCRO) Jesus & Paul and Rome & America; Replacing the Empire of Rome with the Kingdom of God     
Author: Crossan, John Dominic
Publisher: D.L. Dykes Foundation, 2005
Vendor: Faith and Reason
Length: 3 sessions
Heading: BST — Bible Study
Subjects: Bible Study; Bible, New Testament
Location: BST
# Copies: 1
 Description: Dr. Crossan’s lectures are based on his book, In Search of Paul, which he coauthored with field archeologist Dr. Jonathon Reed. Crossan, a world-renowned Jesus scholar and author, explores the biblical text, first and second century non-Christian documents and cutting edge archaeological research to show that the Mediterranean world of the first century was dominated and shaped by Roman Imperial religious and economic agenda. He says that it was against this background that early Christians offered their alternative program for community and society. Indeed, he says, early Christians understood that it was not Caesar who was the Son of God and Savior of the World, as the Empire taught, but in fact, it was Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish peasant from Galilee in Judea. Crossan’s lectures provide a new, vibrant picture of the world into which Jesus and the emerging church were born.
The Radicality of God & the Ambiguity of Biblical Tradition
Jesus, Paul & the Kingdom of God
The Resurrection of Jesus for Contemporary America
3 sessions
Age Groups: Adult (30-65)

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