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Resource: DVD (FAMFOC) The Family Project     
Publisher: Focus on the Family, 2014
Vendor: Christian Book Distributors
Length: 12 sessions
Heading: PFA — Parenting & Famiily
Subjects: Family Life; Parenting
Location: PFA
# Copies: 1 (1 previous reservation found)
  Copy A: 12/5/2018-12/31/2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9781589977860
 Description: The Family Project small-group curriculum will help viewers embrace God's design for the family even as they grapple with their own brokenness and imperfection. It will help families understand their personal significance in God's great plan, equipping them to live with an eternal perspective and model God's design for family to their peers, their communities - and to the world around them.
Why do families work? Because God Himself designed them! Thriving families will lead to thriving communities, and thriving communities will transform the world. People will find purpose, joy and redemption; and generation after generation will create a positive legacy.
SESSION 1 You Are Here—An introduction to the most basic needs of each human being and a discussion of humanity’s desire for belonging and significance.
SESSION 2 Let Us Make Man (Imago Dei)—Man is uniquely made in the image of God—but what must we understand about that image to know who we are?
SESSION 3 It Is Not Good to Be Alone: How Family Completes the Imago Dei—Humanity’s first and most fundamental problem was isolation. God solved this problem by joining Adam and Eve in a relationship to fully reflect His image in the world.
SESSION 4 For This Reason—God unites the first two humans in a wedding and commands them to be fruitful and multiply. What does this tell us about God—and about ourselves as bearers of His image?
SESSION 5 The Man Has Now Become Like One of Us—In the Fall, a family was divided. But redemption also came through a family.
SESSION 6 What God Has Joined Together—God’s design for family is essential to the health of every culture. Social science and practical experience prove this.
SESSION 7 Mothers as Image-Bearers—The relationship between mother and child exemplifies the nurturing care of the God of the universe.
SESSION 8 Fathers as Image-Bearers—God as “Father” is more than a motif; it is central to His nature and core to our being.
SESSION 9 Children as Image-Bearers—Every child is a divine statement of blessing. The bond between father, mother and child reflects the triune God.
SESSION 10 The Enemy—What is the greatest enemy of the family? It might be closer than you think.
SESSION 11 The Great Mystery and Destiny—Marriage foreshadows the future of every Christian: the wedding of Christ to His Bride, the Church.
SESSION 12 My Imperfect Family—Families consumed with appearing “perfect” deny reality. But every family must ask, “What is God calling us to do together for His Kingdom that we can’t do alone?”
This kit includes topics ranging from marriage and sexuality, family relationships and how families can thrive and serve God; an additional DVD with church promotional and marketing material; one leader's guide; and one participant's guide.
12 sessions, approx. 20-31 minutes each
Age Groups: Adult (30-65)

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