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Resource: DVD (COUOLS) Counterfeit Christianity; Conversation with Roger Olson     
Author: Olson, Roger E.
Publisher: Abingdon Press, 2015
Vendor: Christian Book Distributors
Length: 5 sessions
Heading: MIS — Miscellaneous
Subjects: Church History; Miscellaneous; Religion Western-Theology
Location: MIS
# Copies: 2
ISBN/ISSN: 9781501806360
 Description: Historic heresies didn’t die or fade away. While these counterfeit teachings remain outside the accepted bounds of Christianity, modern-day versions continue to plague churches and undermine the good news of Jesus.
Roger E. Olson and Adam Hamilton have managed an amazing feat with these brief and substantive conversations about what all too often passes for Christian faith. In user-friendly language they remind viewers that heresy is not about judging or condemning people for failing to have perfect theology. Instead it is about defending the good news of God's saving love in Jesus by identifying teachings (and teachers) that undermine the gospel by spreading distorted or knockoff versions of genuine faith. Responding to thoughtful questions from his former student Rev. Adam Hamilton, Roger Olson describes not only the curses that heresies bring the church but also the gifts. Heresies can occasionally correct a version of orthodoxy, but ultimately they are not simple confusions or misunderstandings about impenetrable mysteries of divine revelation. Instead they are dangerous distortions that undermine the faith. These conversations will help small group participants understand major heresies, how the church has dealt with them, the players involved with each heresy, and what pastors can do to address these ongoing faith issues in order to educate congregations about Jesus, God, and salvation.
Contents include a DVD with five episodes and a leader guide by Magrey deVega.
Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r6fCASy1Pc
1. Understanding Heresy and Orthodoxy (15:20)
2. The Mother of All Heresies and Messing with Divine Revelation (14:57)
3. Doubting the Deity of Jesus Christ and Contesting the Trinity (19:28)
4. Setting Grace Aside and Making God a Monster (15:06)
5. Reducing God to Manageable Size and Using God for Personal Gain (15:07)
5 sessions, 15-20 min each
Age Groups: Adult (30-65)

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