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Resource: DVD (208LEN) 2084; Artificial Intelligence, the Future of Humanity, and the God Question     
Author: Lennox, John C.
Publisher: Zondervan, 2020
Vendor: Christian Book Distributors
Length: 13 sessions
Heading: MIS — Miscellaneous
Subjects: Miscellaneous
Location: MIS
# Copies: 1
ISBN/ISSN: 9780310109600
Description: How many times a day do you ask a digital assistant for help? But do we ever consider how the increased incorporation of AI into our lives will affect our individual and corporate privacy, the security of our jobs, our freedom? Are we doomed to the grim dystopia imagined in George Orwell’s 1984?
In 2084 Video Study, scientist and philosopher John C. Lennox introduces you to a kaleidoscope of ideas: the key developments in technological enhancement, bioengineering, and, in particular, artificial intelligence. You will discover the current capacity of AI, its advantages and disadvantages, the facts and the fiction, as well as potential future implications. Lennox argues that our worldview will have serious implications for any future AI and how it interacts with humanity. The 2084 Video Study shows how the Christian worldview, when properly understood, can provide evidence-based, credible answers that will bring real hope for the future of humanity.
Session Titles and Runtimes:
1 - Mapping Out the Territory (24 min)
2 - First Big Question: Where Do We Come From? (25 min)
3 - Second Big Question: Where Are We Going? (16 min)
4 - Narrow Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Bright? (16 min)
5 - Narrow AI: Perhaps the Future Is Not So Bright After All? (17 min)
6 - Upgrading Humans (20 min)
7 - Artificial General Intelligence: The Future Is Dark? (20 min)
8 - The Genesis Files: What Is a Human Being? (21 min)
9 - The Origin of the Human Moral Sense (19 min)
10 - The True Homo Deus (19 min)
11 - Future Shock: The Return of the Man Who Is God (17 min)
12 - Homo Deus in the Book of Revelation (18 min)
13 - The Time of the End (17 min)
Links:preview? 23 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvf_n6Cnp8s&ab_channel=zondervan
Age Groups: Young Adult; Adult (30-65); Adult (65+)

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